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BIRDS ONLY offers unique, in-depth instruction courses in bird taxidermy. Why is Birds Only instruction unique? We let our love for taxidermy spill over into everything we do. From the extraordinary learning environment with complimentary photography studio the combination of qualified experienced instruction and eager participants makes for a memorable experience.

The Studio:

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At Birds Only Wildlife Studio we want to teach you more than technical and creative skills. We want to teach you the art of taxidermy.

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The curriculum is customized to meet the individual needs of each student, from the curious beginner to the experienced taxidermist who wishes to acquire new skills or learn advanced procedures, including finishing and painting techniques not taught in standard courses.

Three day, five day, and ten day courses are available. Course material is presented in an enthusiastic and informal manner, allowing each student to learn at his/her own pace.

Under personalized, one on one direction students are encouraged to produce quality rather than quantity. These courses are very thorough, reflecting the philosophy and work habits of a master taxidermist who has been recognized by his colleagues as a perfectionist for the quality of his craftsmanship.

Nothing is left to chance; every detail is explained in a clear and concise manner, supplemented by printed guidelines to avoid misinformation and ensure the success of each student.

Sessions provide all the information necessary to become proficient in the field of avian taxidermy. Students can actually leave with all the hand tools, supplies, and expertise required to work immediately on their own.

Lessons are presented in an environment conducive to easy and relaxed learning. The clean, bright, spacious studio is situated in a quiet, country location surrounded by trees, and boasts a sound system, gas fireplace, numerous windows, and a skylight to enhance the student\92s learning experience.

The studio provides all tools and materials. With proper documentation, students may bring their own specimens; alternatively, the studio, at minimal cost from local sources can obtain suitable specimens of excellent quality.

While students who complete this course will be qualified to mount birds, success cannot be expected overnight.

As with any worthwhile endeavour, practice makes perfect, and students are encouraged to begin practicing their new skills as soon as possible. Follow-up is important, and the instructor is always available for consultation; students are entitled to call any time they need assistance.

As their proficiency increases, some students also choose to return for a refresher course. The flexible format of this course enables the returning student to focus on the specific areas where he/she needs to improve.

3 - Day Workshop $950.00 USD
5 - Day Workshop $1500.00 USD
10 - Day Workshop $2600.00 USD


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